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Pantanal Wildlife Trail

  • Hi Peter Thank you very much for organising our trip to the Pantanal. We are having a great time and will be sorry to leave tomorrow. Eddy has been a great help and guide. He has all three of those required qualities in abundance. As I have never had a guide before and wanted to know what the appropriate amount to tip him is, to say thanks. I would be very grateful for your suggestions on this. The Sao Joachim trail sounds great, one day maybe. Many thanks again, regards Guy and Eve Thomas-EverardMay 2022
  • Dear Peter, Athene here, one of the 3 musketeers, (1 of the 3 british lady horse riders, plus Kate the young American) that you accompanied around the Pantanals a couple of weeks back. It was a absolutely wonderful experience, which for me, was as I said a once in a lifetime experience, as I am not up to that "level" of income for those kind of holidays… but what a one!!! Your company, and unique banter! Was an important part of that experience, and we were fortunate to have you along…. Have no doubt that we could not have done without your charm!! And language skills. Both of these were lacking in our last two days at Barra Mansa…. And no sadly we did not see a jaguar, although some other visitors did… which was very irritating… especially as we were from the UK… We did not see any more giant otters… although we did go piranha fishing! And more riding… and had a cocktail at sunset at one of the evening drives….We did find out that our horses were far from boring in the last two days, and really enjoyed a full out gallop and race! Much to the amusement of Carlo. I will certainly forward a selection of photos for your website. And of course I would love to come out again, with one of your other trips, but what I (as a saddler) would like to record particularly would be some of the original "cowboys" like Louis… and all their kit and how they spend the year etc…. as I feel that this life style is being lost as quickly as the wild life is going…. If I ever get it together to get some funding to come back and record this… I will of course need you!!! Very best wishes, AtheneHay on Wye, Herefordshire (United Kingdom)
  • Hi Peter, Many thanks for our wonderful trip with you in the Pantanal. We made it home without problems back to the incredibly dreary weather of Britain so are missing the sunshine of Brazil. We had a very nice time in Barra Mansa after you left. We did have some good rides....gallops even much to the horses delight and fished for piraña and had an evening drive….. the cook liked things well done. Our return journey was fine ....we found red sheepskins for Kate and Athene and freeze dried piranha ornaments for the rest of us. I am looking at one as I write....ugh! Many thanks again for and the company and the many laughs we had along the way. Best wishes Nicky BeaumontUnited Kingdom
  • Dear Peter, Thank you for the beautiful photos. They bring back the great time we had. As I already told you we expected more from the third fazenda. We would not go back there. Now, I have to take care of my patients again. Again, thank you for the good time and keep me posted regarding the trail next year up nord. Patrick Bontems
  • Patrick Bontems
  • Peter, as you can notice there is not much criticism to bring to your attention, your choice of the rides and the fazendas is excellent: You chose them as if you were taking your best friends around. We really enjoyed the 2 first vaqueiros who were showing us the animals. There is a lot of sensitivity to this trip, good vibrations. I do not believe you will retire in a few years because you already plan for a new trail to the wild Pantanal. This was really great fun to experience Pantanal with you. Our group was great and I look forward to new ridings with you. Chantal BottelinParis (France)
  • Chantal Bottelin
  • Chantal Bottelin
  • Peter, Hope you're doing well. I miss being in Brazil right now. It was one the most memorable experiences I had in a long time. Thanks for everything you've done for us. I'm finishing editing the videos. If you are interested in getting a copy, I'll send them to you when my cousin - who travels often to Rio - can get them to you. Ricardo and Carry Chama
  • Ricardo and Carry Chama's group
  • Hello Peter, I arrived in France on Monday, but I did'nt see my luggage. I received it at home, a few days later. I really enjoyed the horse trail. The horses were very nice and easy to ride. The hosts at the fazendas were very friendly. Fauna, birds and mammals were beautiful. In summary, I will recommend this trail to friends, I would love to see the CD photo if you come in Paris. Delphine Chatellier Paris (France)
  • Delphine Chatellier
  • Successful piranha fishing
  • Hello Peter, have just arrived from London, and I am very happy to find your mail and the beautiful pictures. (Thank you) As you know, after Pantanal, I was traveling in São Paulo, Iguazu falls and Costa Verde (Parati included). Pantanal had been the most interesting and charming place of my trip in Brazil I loved every thing, beauty of the landscape, atmosphere of the riding horse, and the marvelous animals, mainly birds. I did not have seen so many and different beautiful birds. The nice cowboys and their cattle work, the kind and the safe horses.... Myriam Comte Paris (France)
  • Myriam Comte at the cattle drive
  • Myriam Comte with pantaneiro
  • Excerpt: Morning: ride on fazendas property, 5hs / 22 kms, helping (vaqueiros) cowboys trailing cattle and watch their lasso work - super interesting. Afternoon: choice of fishing in the nearby vazante or tour with 4x4 to watch wildlife with excellent opportunities for photo shooting. Morning: ride on Fazendas property 3hs/15kms, return to celebrate Dois birthday with barbecued lamb and roasted pig as appetizers, spilled down with Whisky. Afternnon another 4x4 jeep ride to watch wildlife Morning: Full day ride Baia dos Padres to Refuge. Departure at sunrise. Total riding time 5.15hs/42kms, including 2 very welcomed breaks Morning: Refuge- Barra Mansa: 3h 15 / 15 km Afternoon: Canoe ride on the Rio Negro river - SUPER Barra Mansa : Morning ride with new set of horses 4h 30 / 19 km Afternoon: Rio Negro canoe ride downstream Rio Negro: superb, the B. Mansa staff took us on a traktor in direction upstream Rio Negro so that we could glide downstream in total silence, just using the current and ocosionally paddling for correction of the course. Without the noise of an engine we could easily observe many waterbirds and mammals: unforgettable. With the canoe we managed to get as close as 2-3 meters to the animals on the river banks, including families of cabiparas and also huge caymans, they didnt even take notice of us. Morning:another ride of 3h 10 / 14 km - and returnflight with the chartered plane to Campo Grande. Marc Framboisier Paris (France)
  • arc Framboisier
  • Peter, Once again I would like to thank you for everything. It was definitely the best of all the tours that Brad and myself did in Brazil. Raquel Goldhardt and Brad RosenSanta Monica (CA, USA)
  • Raquel Goldhardt and Brad Rosen
  • A liberdade me falta
    (It is the freedom that I am missing...)
    All started when I punched my favorite passions "Brazil+Riding" into the search engines and Peters website came up. It sounded all very tantalizing but I needed a push to convince myself to go on an organized tour. We emailed back and forth and even telephoned a couple of time. Was supposed to be a 2 weeks journey ended up to be an extensive riding adventure in both regions the Brazilian Pantanal and the highlands of Santa Catarina and I got more that I had hoped for. I appreciated the beautiful landscape of the São Joaquim National Park, die overwhelming hospitality of our hosts Elvio and his wife Rosi, Hilarios friendliness, despite his tough work, the patience everybody had with me, the early morning Camargo, better than any Italian Capuchino, the unbelievable meals Rosi put on the table and, of course, the rides cattle drives with Elvio and team. My next venture would take me to an outlet where I was supposed to learn something about the "doma racional" but did not live up to my expectations. It but showed me the another side of Brazil instead. I really missed the simplicity and cordiality of Elvio and his wife. So was I looking forward to my next destination, which was the world largest wetland, the Brazilian Pantanal. The 3 weeks stay there did touch me, I must admit. Ritas ranch is just gorgeous. I soon changed my delicately decorated and air conditioned room with the hammocks under the giant Mango trees, which enabled me not only to watch the miraculous sun downs and sun rises, but I did also enjoy at closest possible distance, the hilarious morning concert of all the hundreds of birds species, for which the region is well known. I did find the most appropriate comments on the birds of the Pantanal with the pictures of Manoel de Barros: to find the blue I use the birds ! Everyday I made new discoveries in this environment with bustling wildlife and vegetation. I rode with the peões, the Brazilian cowboys who´s tough job I became to respect. I loved to ride after the calves to help to bring em in for treatment. My biggest success was when Tião said "today you really did gallop a lot". I went with Rita and Negão on a trail to the Rio Negro for a week. On a neighboring fazenda I was introduced to an educational project called "escola pantaneira" aimed to grant basic education to the children of the peões, who otherwise and mainly because of the distances and climatic conditions of the Pantanal, would have difficulties to go to school at all. Rita was an excellent host, explaining this unique environment, pampered me, while I enjoyed life in the saddle and my personal freedom on this beautiful spot called Pantanal. Peter rode with me and my friend on the last part of the trail. Like in São Joaquim did I enjoy his esprit and charm and first of all, his deep knowledge of Brazil and many other issues. I will never forget when we rode together through the night. Suddenly we were embedded in a sea of stars, cormorants flying in front of us as being on a string and far ahead the light of the Barra guiding us home. Thanks Peter for everything, your way, your openness and human warmth, the super organization of this unique travel adventure. I want to come back. Billie GretherBasle (Switzerland)
  • Billie Grether driving the cattle with Elvio
  • Riding through the São Joaquim National Park
  • Billie Grether with friend and pantaneiro
  • Refreshing and talking with the pantaneiros
  • Break while observing the Pantanal wildlife
  • Dear Peter, a few weeks passed by already since we left Arraial do Cabo and time seem to fly. I would like to thank you again for the great trip you made with us. Without your knowledge and vast experience we would have certainly missed out on a lot of things! I was just yesterday that I met "my horses" here again. The contrast between these huge warm blooded animals, already fitted with their winter coat and our dry and light Pantanal horses could not be greater. I hope Donizetti drove our little herd back to the Fazenda without a problem. Micha and myself found our holidays very well succeeded . You and everybody else involved at the Fazenda were helpful and paid attention to all details. The "easy going" way at the Fazenda made us relaxed and we felt immediately at home. We also appreciated very much that we could jointly plan our activities according to weather conditions and individual ideas. A would also like to pay a huge compliment to Ritas cooking. We were treated with the very best at any time of the day and night. The food was exquisite and plenty. We all were thrilled of the horses and how the peões handled them. They were fast, had stamina, were surefooted and easy to ride. It was clear that there were professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge at work and we were happy to be part of it for a short while. What we particularly liked was that we never repeated our rides at the Fazenda. That way we were able to discover new things on every ride, be it on the edges of the vazante with all that wildlife or be it the work and the traditions of the peões . It was always interesting and never a minute boring! I like the idea of your X-mas ride. There are certainly folks that feel home at your place during this special time of the year. Take care and enjoy the good times until you will be requested again for a new riding and travel project. If you ever come this way just blow the trumpet and we will be your host showing you Franconia. Thanks again to you and the team of Riding Brazil. Kathrin Jaeger and Michael KaufmannGermany
  • Guide Donizetti with Kathrin Jaeger, Michael Kaufmann, Clare Foster and Anna Remiezowiscz
  • In August of 2016, I was able to fulfil a life long dream thanks to Peter and Southern Cross Tours and Expeditions. Since I was a young boy in Southern Saskatchewan, I have wanted to ride the ranges of Brazil and work as a vaquero on the big ranches there. After a lot of searching, I found the Southern Cross Website (hyperlink) and contacted Peter. All it took was that first email, and I knew that this was the trip for me. Peter seemed to know exactly what I was looking for, even though I doubted many tourists would share my desire for an authentic ranch experience and a working holiday. The process to arrange the trip was very straightforward and all my questions were promptly answered via email. The trip itself was fantastic. I rode on three different Fazendas (Ranches) and at each place, I was outfitted with a sure-footed and honest ranch horse to ride. The tack was different than anything in North America but, as someone who has ridden a lot in my life, I would have to say it was more comfortable. We spent several hours a day in the saddle and I never was stiff or sore. We saw all kinds of exotic birds and wildlife, completely undisturbed by our presence. On horseback, we were merely part of the natural environment. On the Fazendas, I was not treated like a tourist, but another member of the crew, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Every day, I rode out with the vaqueros to rope and treat calves or sort and move cattle from one pasture to another. I was really able to get a sense of how they raise cattle in Brazil and what ranch life is like. I was wholly immersed in the culture of the Pantanel, from the language, to the sights and smells, to the little jokes that seem to be universally shared between cowboys around the world. And of course, I could not forget to mention how fantastic the food was; meals were hearty and cooked in traditional style. Overall, I can't get over how warmly I was welcomed in the community of the Fazenda. I never once felt out of place and was treated much more like a foreign cousin come home to visit than a paying customer. I booked the trip with Peter and Southern Cross thinking it would be an interesting vacation. In the end, it was adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity to meet friends I feel as though I've known for years. If you are looking to spend your days, immerse yourself in cowboy culture, observe fantastic wildlife in their natural habitat and become part of a culture you never knew existed in a few short weeks, this it the trip for you. Thank you Peter and Carlos, Rita, Vicente and all the Vaqueros of Fazenda Nhecolândia. I will be back someday soon. Dennis NagelKannada
  • ennis Nagel with Peter Rohmer
  • Dear Peter, I have received today, from Cheval d'Áventure, the CD with the wonderful photos you made in the Pantanal. My wife, an enthusiast for photos of all kind, engaged in effusive comments and compliments. While watching on the screen I relived the unforgetable experiences and emotions of that trip. I hope you are well and you do find full satisfaction with the tours you organize. Thank you again and all the best. Domenico PiolantiForli (Italy)
  • Domenico Piolanti at the cattle drive
  • Wildlife observation close to sundown
  • Leisurely pace on the banks of Vazante Castelo
  • Dear Peter, with great pleasure I think back of our ride through the Pantanal and can only regret that it went by too fast. On Marc's map you could see how big the Pantanal really is and how much of it we didn't have o chance to visit. My impression was that the vaqueiros did not think of riding being a sportive activity that would give them lots of fun or that the fazendeiros would take pride in breeding high performance riding horses, altough one can hardly imagine a better place to ride as the Pantanal. However, there was the overwhelming nature, the friendliness of our hosts and the knowledgeable guides to compensate for those little disadvantages. I enjoyed this adventure enormously und will recommend it enthusiastically to everyone who wants to know. One must also say that everything what I found in the internet concerning riding in the Pantanal, does not live up to your presentation and does not match the contents of your program. All the best, continuing success with your undertakings and kind regards Hartmut. Hartmut PortzigBern (Switzerland)
  • Hartmut Portzig
  • Jennifer and I arrived back from our trip to the Pantanal and Rio not only safe and sound, but enriched by a remarkable journey. I would like to tell you a little bit about our experience, so that you will consider recommending this trip to your clients, and perhaps even trying it yourself. We were greeted at the airport by Peter Rohmer and a young university student who was our driver to the airfield outside of Campo Grande to pick up our air taxi to the ranch. Despite our 20 hours in transit, Peter made us feel relaxed, welcomed and in safe hands. The air taxi was ready and waiting and we had a smooth flight to the ranch. Rita and a gaggle of lovely young children were our greeting party as we taxied down the grass strip runway, and we were ushered like royalty to our simple, but clean, fresh and functional bedroom with private bathroom off the main salon. We relaxed on the front gallery and 'decompressed' with very relaxed conversation with Rita, visiting friends, Peter and Ronny, the air taxi pilot. Peter would translate the important stuff, but mainly he was good at letting us acclimatize our ears to Portuguese - we were there to learn as much as we could about everything! Lunch was the first of all the delicious meals we were to have, both at Rita's and then at the Pouso Alto. All meals were highlighted by local cuisine, the most delicious meat I have ever tasted, home made breads, beignets and rolls, exotic fruits and vegetables, home made cheeses, compotes, and cane fudge and caramel sauces. During our trip we were treated to fresh piranha, caiman, suckling pig, a BBQ of the hump of the Asian cow, and many other delicacies local to the country and the Pantanal. After a walk to help digest and start to learn about the magnificent birds and wildlife, we went on a short ride to test our riding legs. Ryan, the Pantaneiro horses are wonderful. I am not an experienced or natural rider. Yet the horses and the saddles are made for comfort and security. I have never felt more safe or confident on a horse - and there were many changes of horse during the trip. They are all very calm and surefooted. While some are bumpy on the trot, they all have fast, smooth walks and very smooth cantor. We were able to ride over 10 hours on the first full day, and be ready for a sunrise start the next day! We were always escorted by at least one ranch hand, as well as Peter, and often there would be an additional escort to ensure we were well guided to the various destinations. Another remarkable aspect of Peter's advance planning was that each day of riding found us at a shady shelter, either a beautiful natural shelter or a ranch, when it was time for lunch/siesta. All the people we met during our trip through the Pantanal were very gentle and friendly. Even though no one could speak any English, we were all keen to communicate and we always found delightful ways to do so. Our hosts, Rita and then Fernando, treated us like visiting friends rather than paying guests. They were kind and attentive hosts. Special experiences were Fernando arranging a spur of the moment night safari - there was a full moon - because Ronny, the pilot, insisted he could find us a jaguar in the dark. And he did! (I think). But nothing will erase the memory of the millions of glitters reflecting off the large ponds - the unwinking yellow eyes of the caiman - or the light-frozen capybara willing us to pass on our noisy journey across the moonlit savanna. Or Rita finding out that Jennifer loved fishing - instantly a truck with a driver was at her disposal - again, escorted by Ronny, the pilot, who is a skilled hunter and delightful card player, Jen caught the biggest and the smallest piranha, and even gained enough confidence to go swimming in the cool ponds. The fact that the fazenda includes a boarding school for 30 Pantaneiro children who Rita supports from her own pocket, provided an additional aspect to our time there. The children provide another element - a rich and intense source of discovery about Pantaneran social and economic issues - as well as a delightful environment of laughter and soft voices to add to the symphony of the birds. I could write a travelogue, and perhaps I may, about the Pantanal. When I consider the enormous distances, the uncertain communication lines, power outages, and the general chaotic and off-handed nature of Brazilians towards tourism, I am only beginning to realize the amount of patience and organization, and attention to detail required by Peter to make our trip so successful. He is an intelligent guide and sensitive to the quirks and personalities of his clients. He was flexible and adept at changing course when he got to know our particular tastes and interests. The time in Rio was great. The hotel beautiful - right on Copacabana beach - we went to non-tourist places for meals and entertainment - in a painfully too short period of time, thanks to Peter, we got a very tantalizing taste of Rio. Peter, both Jennifer and I would be happy to provide references to any of your clients who may be considering a trip to the Pantanal, or feel free to use any of my foregoing remarks. Thank you for helping organize this extraordinary experience. Janis A. RivenToronto (Canada)
  • Janis and Jennifer Riven
  • Jennifer Riven
  • The Rivens with their pantaneiro guides
  • Lunch at the Nhecolândia Ranch
  • I have been back at work for a week now, and missing Brazil and the Pantanal for it's amazing bird and wildlife variety, and of course the horses and great company. Thank you so much for all your kind assistance during Petroc and my trip to Brazil. We both had a fantastic time. I will now be looking for a horse like Panthera where ever I go - she was so amazing, well mannered, fun and with her own special personality. Susannah Shelley
  • Thanks so much for great trip. It felt likestepping back in time. So fascinating to see the cowboys work with the exotic cattle surrounded by wildlife and wide open spaces. Very interesting and different. All the best, Deirdre Silver New York (USA)
  • Deirdre Silver
  • Observing and photographing animals
  • Dear Peter, sorry for being late in answering, but I have been traveling in Mexico to photograph at the many popular fiestas that are taking place this time of the year. Many thanks for your photos. The ride in the Pantanal was outstanding. I can only say that the whole trip was great, also the rest of the tour, including the visit to the Art Museum in São Paulo, very recomendable. All the best and if you consider coming to Mexico...... Christian TassinSantiago de Querétaro (Mexico)
  • Christian Tassin observing caymans
  • Dear Peter, I wanted to thank you again for this great week in the Pantanal. You asked for us to give you ideas for improvement but honestly it was just perfect this way!!! We left each other pretty quickly at the airport, it was such a rush, I was the person to get into the plane for Fortaleza and yes my bag followed up to Fortaleza!!! I spend such a good time over there, too. I wanted to go to Jericaquara and some other places that were so beautiful. But there is so much left to see, that for sure I'll come back to this great country! I want to discover Bahia, Rio and Amazonia, well, I have another trip in mind!! My parents are so ready to discover your country as well. I am going to give your contact, and I believe my mother will get in touch with you to organize that!!! Perrine Verniau Paris (France)
  • Perrine Verniau with her group
  • Piranha fishing
  • Hi Peter, I am sorry to be slow in getting back to you. As you know, I had to leave for a business trip a couple of days after returning from Brazil. Now that I am back home, I am delighted to give you a report from my travel to the Pantanal. In short, it was fabulous. You know the Pantanal well so I do not need to tell you what a special place it is. We were able to see a vast range of animals, including an ocelot eating an egret and my 14 year old son saw an anaconda consuming a coati. We also had a good time going out with the cowboys and tending to the cattle. The trip was an easy one, largely because Sergio was such a helpful guide. I know that this is the first time that Sergio has worked for you. Rest assured that you have found a good guide. Sergio is very responsible and knowledgeable about the Pantanal. His English is quite good. Moreover, he is a kind, relaxed man who was interesting to talk with during our trip. He made sure that we were safe and happy. He was especially nice to my son, talking with him and playing cards with both of us. Our stay at Pedras Bay was great. The dona, Rita, is very warm and hospitable. She made every effort to make our stay as comfortable as possible. She even arranged for Dito, a cowboy from another farm, to travel with us for the week. Dito was great- funny and very kind to my son. He even gave him lessons on how to use a lariat. We were well cared for the entire trip. The trip was perfect for my son because he is passionate about horses. Even though I do not share his passion, I too enjoyed the trip. I was impressed with the entire trip and will be glad to serve as a reference for any potential clients. My son had such a good time, he asked me to send you the attached file. You are welcome to put something on the Web, too. I hope that this information is of use to you. Please let me know if you have questions. Joan Warren
  • When my mom and I went to the Pantanal we saw so many different animals. What I like about the Pantanal is its terrain. There is a dry and wet season. We went when it was turning into dry season so there was still wet land and with more dry land every day. Our trip to the Pantanal was based on horseback riding. If you love horseback riding this would be a great place for you. I have been riding for 10 years and I’ve never had so much fun on a horse before. I am 14 years old now. On horseback we explored the area. We went through marsh waters on horseback because sometimes there was no other way. I loved that part of the trip. Working with the cowboys was so much fun! My mom and I got to go and herd cattle with them. There were 700 cattle and only eight people to hold them together! We had to go through the marsh water with the cattle. The interesting part of the trip was when the cowboys treated the calves. The umbilical cords were infected, so the cowboys had to lasso the calves, treat the umbilical cord, and cut the ear to mark it was a male or female. Some of the mother cows would get mad when their baby was lassoed. So they would try to get charge the cowboys. That was breath-taking! This trip and experience was a blast! Max Warren
  • Max Warren and his mother Joan
  • Max Warren
  • Peter, Thank you for a wonderful trip and for the wonderful people you teamed me with all the way through. I totally enjoyed the horse places you planned and the riding and wish we had extended the time riding. I also loved seeing Rio and Iguazu Falls. My guide in Iguazu, Nelson, was a very nice gentleman. He was on time and thorough and the resort was really nice. I took the raft ride, loved it, saw the bird park, loved it, and the helicopter ride. Again thanks for everything and the effort you made for me. You all spent more time with me than I expected and truly appreciated your attention. Please always feel welcome in Texas and know you have me as a new friend here. You, Nicole and Mirko were the very best part of the trip and I left loving you all. Please let me know about further ride dates and prices so I can determine what and when I can consider coming back. But you must promise to find me the smoothest horse available. LOL. Thank you for everything! Bobbie Joyce Hall Arlington, Texas, USA
  • Bobbie Joyce Hall
  • Dear Peter, it was the most fantastic experience we have had abroad! We wished we stayed there even longer. The hosts and Luis let us gallop and play cowboys every day, the booze was cheap and the house was super comfortable! Ride in and out was perfect, Vava found hats for us and everything :D What a wonderful family, place and service you provided us with. Thank you. Victoria VarnoTrondheim, Norway

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