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Why Riding Vacation in Brazil?
Why go with Riding Brazil?

The highlands of Santa Catarina The highlands of Santa Catarina Video of Pantanal Wildlife Trail Video: The Great Savannah Wildlife Trail  Equestrian holidays in the Pananal: real pantanal cowboys Got to be tough to take care of some 12.000 head of cattle: The cowboys of the Pantanal

Because with Riding Brazil you will explore the exuberant scenery of the tropics and sub tropics on fine horses.


Home stayson our working ranches make you experiencing an enjoyable and close up contact with families and friends.


For over 20 years has Riding Brazil pioneered trail riding in Brazil. We focus, unlike others, exclusively on authenticity and would not go about to produce a fake scenario to please our visitors. We aim at the customer who prefers the real thing , the way things are. There is no need to change nothing, because you will be extremely pleased with that what you see and experience. You would not want it different.


You will ride great horses through lush forest, rocky mountains or Savannah bush lands, love the company of friends, appreciate great food, all in all you will have the ride of your life time. So, why don't you come riding with us and book right now?


Brazil, tropical, exuberant, exotic and fascinating, offers natural and cultural highlights that should be visited by all means. On the other hand, it is the face to face contact at the hidden trails, off the beaten tracks, that provides the unique sensation of an experience that one makes only a very few times in life. This is particularly the case if you talk about a country that seems to possess unlimited natural beauty and resources. Whether it is the Amazon lowlands, the Atlantic Rainforests, the subtropical High Sierras of the south, or the Pantanal wetlands, these are only some of the highlights the adventurous horseback rider doesn't stop dreaming of. On top, spontaneous encounters with multiracial cultures in the backcountry, joining-in their traditional feasts, experience their exotic food and drinks and last but not least, the making of good friends, are other indispensable components of an unforgettable riding vacation.


If the talk is about horseback riding in South America, immediately Argentina is coming up as the classical cattle and horse country in that part of the world. What even most of the riders do not know is that on Brazilian pampas, savannahs, in the cerrado bush lands and mountainous regions, an enormous herd of some 220 million of cattle are grazing happily. To tend this flock, another rather large number of gauchos, vaqueiros or peões, as the domestic cowboys are called, is being employed. All of them work on horseback! Argentina, in contrast, has nothing more then a sheer 40 million of head to feed. Having this said I would like to introduce you a bit more to Brazil – the Paradise for equestrian holidays and inviting you to have a look at our riding activities here in Brazil.


Happy horses roaming the São Joaquim National Park Happy horses roaming the São Joaquim National Park

riding through forest out of a fairy tale riding through a forest out of a fairy tale pantanal ride Pantanal ride
Small but tough: Pantaneiro horses Small but tough: Pantaneiro horses

For our riding holiday tours and ranch stays we have chosen two of the most beautiful, enchanting and interesting spots in Brazil:


The cook, riding ahead the herd during cattle trailing The cook, riding ahead the herd during cattle trailing The days work is done The days work is done

Our trails are specially designed for riders that seek harmony between the horse and the environment including the local people, with their traditions and their different way of living. For this reason we would like to stress the fact that emphasis has been given to authenticity in every way, rather than to luxurious and top of the notch outfits. Our clients are always welcomed as friends when they meet up with locals anywhere on the trail. A unique opportunity to take home overwhelming impressions of the real life of the Brazilian backcountry.


Another asset of our trails is that our guides and trail leaders are either the ranch owners themselves or their trusted foremen. Experienced proofed further that our client-friends appreciate the translator guide that rides along with the group. He takes care of the organizational part of the whole tour and makes sure that the riders gets all the relevant information in their mother language (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). Relevant information include everything from horse to history , from economy to ecology, from politics to religion. In short: We provide first hand information on Brazil, the region and its people as a whole for unique and unforgettable riding vacations.


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Overnight is arranged at simple but cozy ranches (here called fazendas) on the trails mostly in double or single bedrooms. There is always cold and hot water shower either in the room or in a common area. According to the desired program overnight in the wilderness is included or can be arranged for. The food is strictly regional, superb and comes in gigantic portions with great variety. We cater also for vegetarians. Small groups of 2-6 riders guarantee more privacy and comfort.
If you are looking for an affordable accommodation for your trip Brazil offers various hotels to complete your stay.

Pantaneiro cowboys at work Pantaneiro cowboys at work


Dining room at Fazenda Santa Barbara Dining room at Fazenda Santa Barbara Pantaneiro Pantaneiro

Farm Stays


Riding Brazil offers farms stays for riders and non-riders, at two Fazendas and Ranches where guests may either want to stay some more days with their host after a trail ride, or just want to spend some time on the Brazilian countryside, enjoying the rural lifestyle away from the hassle in the big cities. Our farm stays involve the same fazendas that we use for our trails.


Visitors can always give a hand with the day to day work of the peões (cowboys), riding out with them, trail or treat cattle and sharing new experiences in an natural and environment of great beauty. In direct touch with owners and hands alike, guest will share personal experiences that are impossible to achieve elsewhere. Cultural differences are not a handicap but a highlight. For detailed information please refer to the button "farm stays" appearing after entering one of the destinations.



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Explore on our Equestrian Holidays the most stunning Brazilian landscapes and watch fascinating wildlife on horseback


Riding Brazil


An unique and exciting adventure


Pantanal Wildlife Trail São Joaquim Adventure Trail