Fascinating Trail Rides in Brazil

With the pioneers of Riding Brazil you discover a country of great natural beauty, experience traditional horsemanship and ride fine horses.

Take a different Christmas holiday this time. We´d love you to join in our Chistmas party with your host, families and friends in the Southern Brazilian highlands stay with us for convivial vibe and spontanous social gatherings.

São Joaquim Special Christmas Ride 2024

This is our Christmas present for you

10 days São Joaquim Adventure Trail as from US$ 2,200 per person only

10 days itinerary
9 overnights
8 full riding days

December 21, through December 30, 2024

Dead-line for booking: October 31, 2024. More details from Peter at peter@ridingbrazil.com.

Pantanal Wildlife Trail
and Farm Stay

Pantanal Wildlife Trail

Fast riders and great cattlemen, these are the peões of the Brazilian Pantanal Savannah. They will take you for cattle drives and ride with you over vast properties, to watch wildlife in overwhelming abundance. Join in for a round of tereré and indulge yourself with their lake side churrasco barbecue dinner, while hungry gators eyes glowing in expectation.

São Joaquim Adventure Trail
and Farm Stay

São Joaquim Adventure Trail

Offers an unsurpassed riding experience in the Southern Brazilian gaucho highlands, where fine horses and natural horsemanship is highlighted. Explore breath taking, ever changing scenic beauty and enjoy the warmest and most sincere hospitality of the locals. Stay with friends! Plus: More riding for less money.

Rio de Janeiro and
the Mangalarga experience

Horses, Nature, and Cariocas

Rio´s countryside is full of exuberant tropical nature and beauty, and you will explore this on the back of one of our Mangalarga Marchador and Mangalarga Cross horses. Surrounded by the Atlantic rainforest, you will ride on trails that cut through banana and mango plantations as well as cattle farms, lagoons and beaches.

My trail rides are specifically designed for riders who want to enjoy harmony between horse, rider and environment. I offer three different rides, in what I consider the best regions in Brazil for riding. The scenery is breath-taking and the terrain is constantly changing, ranging from easy to challenging. However, you will find that my well-trained horses are reliable and safe in all situations. You will also appreciate the friendliness of the locals, who take pleasure in inviting guests to participate in the authentic traditions of the Brazilian back country.

In over 25 years of organising riding adventures in Brazil I have developed relationships with ranch owners, foremen, local officials, guides and other horse enthusiasts, and we now work in partnership to offer uniquely crafted riding tours to an international clientele. You will benefit from that pioneering work and will be able to count on a team of professionals who take pride in making your Riding Brazil vacation unforgettable.

"If you would like to experience the truly wild scenery of Brazil from the back of a beautiful, sure-footed and well trained horse, then Riding Brazil has the perfect ride for you. "

Peter Rohmer

Riding Brazil Specials

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Happy Anniversary Ride

Happy Anniversary Ride

28 years of Riding Brazil

Women Only Ride

Women Only Ride

A fun ride through the southern sierra of the deep Brazilian back country

Why is a riding vacation with Riding Brazil so special?

Twenty five years ago Riding Brazil pioneered trail riding in Brazil. From the very beginning we have focused on providing clients with an authentic experience of Brazil, combining horses, the native peoples of the country, their culture and their horsemanship. Riding Brazil does not produce fake images to impress its visitors. We cater for those riders who want to experience the real thing, to understand the way things are. We are sure you as well will be very pleased with this experience. Our testimonies and feed-backs from clients and friends speak for themselves.

In Brazil an unrivalled herd of 220 million cattle grazes on the southern Pampas, the high sierras and the cerrado bush lands, making Brazil the biggest beef exporter on the planet. The horse plays a significant role of this economic success because by tradition, gauchos in the South and peões in the cerrado take care of this immense herd on horseback. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that Brazil is a paradise for equestrian holidays.

Tropical, exuberant, exotic and fascinating, Brazil seems to possess unlimited natural beauty and resources. Whether they are riding in the Atlantic Rainforests, the subtropical High Sierras or the Pantanal Wetlands with its abundant wildlife, adventurous riders will enjoy an experience which far exceeds their expectations.

At traditional feasts and rodeos, there will be spontaneous encounters with multiracial cultures. Our clients will enjoy exotic food and drinks and music and dance, as well as making new friends. And they will enjoy this from the backs of our well trained and well cared-for horses.

Please note that, after having worked for quite some time through several agencies to sell our rides abroad we have now decided for direct communication with the client. This means that we do not have to pay commission and, accordingly, are able to offer high quality rides at very reasonable prices. This also means that more money goes directly to the farmers, horse men and the other local people we work with. To make sure things work out well every single request goes straight to Peter´s desk who takes care of it as from there. If the situation suggest he will call you up by phone to discuss your wishes.

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Farm Stays

In addition to riding holidays, Riding Brazil can organise farms stays for those who either, wish to stay on for a few more days after their trail ride, or just want to spend some time in the Brazilian countryside away from big city hassles. These homestays take place in the same Fazendas we use for our trail rides. If they wish, visitors can lend a hand with the day- to- day work of the gauchos, riding out with them as they tend their cattle. The homestays are also appropriate for non-riders, who just wish to soak up the rural atmosphere and enjoy the stunning Brazilian landscapes.

For more detailed information please go to the ‘farm stays’ button, which appears after you enter the link to one of our destinations

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