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Rio de Janeiro – View of from the Corcovado Rio de Janeiro – View of from the Corcovado

9 Days Horseriding and Rio


Explore the colourful state of Rio de Janeiro including:


  • A 3-day stay in the fascinating city of Rio de Janeiro
  • 5 days exploring Rio´s countryside on back of a Mangalarga horse
  • Beaches, Lagoons, Rainforests and a lot more


Over the course of 9 days you will have the chance to explore and discover one of the most famous cities in the world before enjoying a horse-back riding holiday in a beautiful and tranquil town only two short hours away from Brazil's culture capital.



Hotel room in Rio Hotel room in Rio Copacabana beach Copacabana beach Christ the Redeemer Christ the Redeemer

Day 1: Arrival in Rio de Janeiro


  • Arrival and pick-up at the airport (GIG)
  • Transfer to a small hotel in the city.


Arrival in Rio de Janeiro and transfer to your hotel. Your small, cozy hotel is centrally located in the city district of Urca, just behind the famous Sugar Loaf, in one of the most beautiful and also safest parts of Rio de Janeiro. You will stay in a comfortable room with a great view over the city. Furthermore, there is a veranda with a swimming pool to relax after your sight-seeing trips and multilingual staff that are happy to help you out with anything you may need in Rio.


Rio de Janeiro is considered one of the worlds most beautiful and fascinating cities. Hosting around 7 million inhabitants, Rio is squeezed in between the green mountains of the coastal rainforest and tropical beaches at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city essentially shows the lifestyle of a South American metropolis, with a strong touch of tropical laissez-faire. A wide range of scenic, cultural and architectural highlights prove that the city does not strive exclusively on samba and carnival. A visit to the Sugar Loaf, the Corcovado mountain and a swim at the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is obviously a must. However, the visitor should not miss out on a stroll through the historical part of the city. Colorful, loud and busy, the city displays colonial architecture and – in contrast – modern office buildings, banks and business centers. But there are also quiet corners and hidden places, where one can relax and meditate, surrounded by the exuberant tropicalnature that makes Rio de Janeiro so attractive for visitors and locals alike.


Day 1 program depends on your time of arrival in Rio. There is no tour guide included on your arrival day, please let us know in advance if you might like to book one. Otherwise your hotel team will be happy to organize transfers within the city for you to main attractions. Feel free to ask us for suggestions.


At night you may want to dine in one of Rio's many fine specialty restaurants that we would be more than happy to suggest.



Opera house teatro municipal Opera house teatro municipal Rio de Janeiro at night Rio de Janeiro at night

Day 2: First Impressions of Rio


  • Pick-up from your hotel, meeting your guide
  • Rio´s historical center
  • The Sugar Loaf


Our sightseeing tour begins in the historical Cinelândia square in front of the Teatro Municipal, built in 1909 imitating the style of the Paris opera house. Nearby we see Catedral Metropolitana / Petrobrás / BNDES, a fine ensemble of modern Brazilian architecture with gardens by Roberto Burle Marx, and the Convento de Santo Antônio, a magnificent baroque church and monastery from the 17th century, high above the Largo da Carioca square. Visit the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, a noteworthy old library from 1888 and the Confeitaria Colombo, Rio's finest coffee house founded in 1894.


In the afternoon we take you for a cable car ride to the top of the 396 m high Sugar Loaf, world famous symbol of Rio de Janeiro, featuring views of the ocean, the bay, the surrounding mountains and the city itself, not to speak of the exuberant tropical vegetation on this island mountain. Right underneath the mountain there is a charming coastal path where we can stroll along while watching guenons and several species of humming birds.


Return to your hotel. Feel free to ask us for suggestions for your dinner and your evening program.



The Corcovado inside Tijuca National Park The Corcovado inside Tijuca National Park

Day 3: Corcovado, Tijuca and More


  • Rio's Symbol: the Christ Redeemer
  • Tijuca Nationalpark
  • Capela Mairynck


The 704 m high Corcovado mountain with the world famous statue of Christ the Redeemer offers an outstanding view over Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara bay, neighbouring Niterói´s ocean beaches and organ pipe mountains.


Next, a tour through the Floresta da Tijuca National Park, the world's largest urban jungle with breathtaking views, waterfalls and rich tropical vegetation. Visit the Capela Mairynck, a historic chapel from the 19th century with wall paintings by Portinari. Lunch at a restaurant located amidst the jungle. Nearby the Museo do Açude / Museo Castro Maya in the heart of the rainforest, features a permanent exposition of contemporary Brazilian artists as Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Pape and José Resende.

We will return to the hotel in the early afternoon. We recommend you to explore the beach of Copacabana and have a cocktail at the beach promenade, before enjoying a sunset in Ipanema.



Our farm hotel Our farm hotel Mangalarga Marchador horses Mangalarga Marchador horses Happy horses Happy horses

Day 4: Rio – Fazenda Saquarema

Riding time: 30 minutes


  • Late breakfast and transfer from Rio to our farm-hotel (fazenda) in Saquarema
  • Meeting your hosts, tour through the Fazenda
  • Meeting the horses and first ride

Located just 80km north from the city of Rio, the second half of your tour takes you inside of the beautiful lagoon region. Rio´s countryside is covered in exuberant tropical nature and beauty, which you will explore on the back of one of our Mangalarga Marchador or our Mangalarga Mix horses. Surrounded by the Atlantic rainforest, it is a place of tradition and nature, where you will ride on trails that cut through banana and mango plantations as well as cattle farms, lagoons and beaches.


The Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador horse, very common in the region, was bred in 1822 as a mix breed between a Royal Alter Stallion and native mares of Spanish Jennet and Barb blood, known to be fast and smooth amblers. First called Sublime horses, they are now known as the National Horse of Brazil and are one of the most popular and widespread breed in South America. Intelligent, regal, alert and of incredible power and endurance, they are renowned for their marchas, or gaits. The marcha picada is a lateral and very smooth movement, while the marcha batida is a diagonal four beat gait that appears to the naked eye to be a trot, yet has no moment of suspension and very little vertical movement. Mangalarga Mix horses are amazingly clever and patient and friendly, thus perfect for the amateur, beginner and advanced rider wishing to enjoy a beautiful region with a sweet-tempered hoofed companion.


The rooms o four farm hotel are cozy and comfortable, each has its own shower-room, minibar and a direct access to the covered veranda. Accommodations include a pool, a sauna and a beautiful miniature botanical garden thanks to the owners' green thumb.


At your arrival on the farm you will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, meet the horses and enjoy some free time by the pool or explore the beautiful surrounding nature. In the late afternoon we will take you for your first short ride (30 minutes) so we can find out about your riding ability and ensure the right pairing of horse and rider. For further optional activities, feel free to ask the multilingual owners of the farm, who have a list of entertaining activities to suggest to you.


At your arrival on the farm you will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, meet the horses and enjoy some free time by the pool or explore the beautiful surrounding nature. In the late afternoon we will take you for your first short ride (30 minutes) so we can find out about your riding ability and ensure the right pairing of horse and rider. For further optional activities, feel free to ask the multilingual owners of the farm, who have a list of entertaining activities to suggest to you.



Day 5: Rio Bonito Ride and Sunset

Riding time: 5 hours


  • Riding day through hills and plantations
  • Snack break in a local restaurant
  • Sunset over the Lagoon of Saquarema


You will have the chance to explore the rainforest with all its biodiversity and enjoy some amazing views of the beautiful region. You will ride through banana plantations and pass by some small cattle farms.



At the beach of Saquaremal At the beach of Saquarema Through the rainforest Through the rainforest

Day 6: Beach Ride

Riding time: about 6 hours


  • Early breakfast and departure
  • Ride through towns to the beach
  • Beach picnic


Sandy roads will take through a number of towns and villages until you reach the beach. After a gallop through the sand there will be a stop for a picnic on the beach.



Day 7: Mountain Ride and Churrasco

Riding time: 3 hours


  • Early departure and ride through rainforestforest and plantations
  • Traditional churrasco in the evening (Brazilian barbecue)
  • Afternoon free


Our suggestion: go on an optional excursion to one of the Mangalarga Horse-studs in the region. For further information, please speak directly to your host. An adventurous ride through dense forests and banana plantations, you will cross some creeks and enjoy some wonderful views over the sea from the top of the mountains. In the afternoon, you will have the possibility to relax by the pool or explore the region.



Day 8: Lagoon Ride

Riding time: 6 hours


  • Ride to the Saquarema Lagoon
  • Lunch at a traditional fish restaurant


Sandy roads will once again lead you to the Saquarema Lagoon during this day-ride. The lagoon is home to a large number of exotic birds, which be able to observe during the ride. The restaurant has alternative options for non-fish eaters.



Day 9: Final Day

Fazenda Saquarema to Rio de Janeiro


  • Breakfast and departure from the Fazenda
  • Direct transfer either to your hotel in Rio or the airport (GIG)
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