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Peter Rohmer

Peter Rohmer

The Boss, making money while having fun!


The Pioneer of Equestrian Tourism in Brazil


More than five decades ago, a young German man left home with nothing more than curiosity, a certain hard-headedness and guts in his pockets and a determination to know the world. Over the course of the years, he acquired five languages, lived in multiple countries and on multiple continents, and learned to survive, not only economically but also through willpower and determination.


Peter Rohmer understands how to talk himself out a tough situation. As it happened he found himself on the business end of a gun several times back in his early trailblazing days. A man of many talents, a great love of Brazil and its horses and inhabitants, Peter carved out the first tours for riders in this massive country. His passion for sharing the spectacular landscapes, its remote jungles, the warm friendship of its people and the unique creatures that populate this remarkable country, is infectious.


Riding Brazil is Peter Rohmer's gift. Join us and discover Peter's Brazil, the authentic Brazilian experience.


Zorro Elvio Zorro Elvio
Rosi Rosi

Friends and Partner:


Zorro Elvio


As a client puts it: He is the guy whom I would like to have near me, in the unfortunate event that some day somewhere would be a nuke disaster.




His wife. Does everything, drives trucks, rides horses, makes cheese and cooks heavenly.

Doio Doio
Rita Rita

Doio und Rita


Owners of our Pantanal ranch.

Faustino Faustino
Zé Catingara Zé Catingara



Foreman, horseman and guide at the Pantanal fazenda.


Zé Catingara


Peão and our Pantaneiro-Guide.

Fernando Fernando
Jurandi Jurandi



Son of a traditional farm owners family and host at our Fazenda in Pantanal.




Wildlife guide and horsemen at our Fazenda in Pantanal.



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All these people await you as friends and will make sure that your ride with us be an unforgettable adventure.

Pantanal Wildlife Trail São Joaquim Adventure Trail