Pantanal Wildlife Trail São Joaquim Adventure Trail

São Joaquim Adventure Trail

Guest Comments

Phillip and Kayla Barron Phillip and Kayla Barron

Phillip and Kayla Barron


The ride was beautiful and interesting. We loved the landscape and the freedom of the ride. It was not a boring head to tail ride on deadhead horses. I was very impressed with our horses and loved the criollos because they were sure footed, even tempered and responsive. They did everything that we asked them to do. The sheepskins and saddles made for a comfortable ride. I was concerned that I may get sore or that my back may tighten up spending 6-8 hours in the saddle each day but I had absolutely no soreness or back pain.


We enjoyed the steep ascents and descents in the mountains as much as the trotting and loping through the open terrain. I have to say though that the midday break may have been my favorite. It's hard to beat a traditional churrascaría with cowboy coffee followed by a siesta!


Our hosts were perfect. After I had known Peter for a couple of hours I felt like we were old friends and I miss our dinner conversations. Elvió and Rosie made us feel like family, not tourists. Both of them showed my 9- year old daughter Kayla special attention and she could feel their warmth and hospitality.


Elvió took great care of all of us including his horses. He is a true gentleman, farmer, cowboy and a terrific guide. Rosie is an amazing hostess and she took great care of us too. Every day she would cook an incredible breakfast with homemade cheese rolls, bread, fresh fruit, jams and eggs. She would pack us a delicious lunch and always cooked an exquisite, hearty dinner that my grandmother would be jealous of. Kayla is still talking about Ms. Rosie and her cooking and Mr. Elvió and his horses. Even though I know that Elvió and Rosie were working very hard to take care of our group, they made it look so easy and never lost their smile.


Sebastian and his wife were also very friendly, warm and engaging and were always making us feel very welcome.


The accommodations were all comfortable, clean and felt authentic. I appreciate our hosts letting us into their homes. My favorite was Elvio's and Rosie's home followed by Sebastian's. It was a real treat having a private bath at Sebastian's. I loved staying at Rosie's brother's house and meeting her parents because it was like being back with family. I forgot the name of the other facienda were we stayed but I really liked their big barn.


Kayla and I had very high expectations for our adventure and you exceeded all of them. We have and will continue to recommend this trip to others. I want to go on the Pantanal trail and I am also trying to find a medical conference in Rio later this year and would book the horse trip near Rio with you if that were the case.


I want to thank-you for our trip and really can't think of anything that you should change. If you speak to Rosie and Elvió please tell them that Kayla and Phil say hi.