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São Joaquim Adventure Trail

Guest Comments

Margit and Siegfried Brossmann, Beate Geigner, Gabi Schulze and Elvio Margit and Siegfried Brossmann, Beate Geigner, Gabi Schulze and Elvio

Margit and Siegfried Broßmann

Dresden (Germany)


Our trip to Brazil in the fall of 2010


My husband and I returned recently from an exciting and unique trip to Brazil, organized by the tour operator "Riding-Brazil / Horseback Adventures". The whole trip was organized in all details, very well composed and tailor-made for us.


It started with a 3-day stay at the Iguacu Falls, which were really fascinating. We experienced imposing and breathtaking impressions of the Falls and the surrounding National Park.


Then we went to the diversified coastline of the State of Santa Catarina to watch whales. In the sheltered coastal waters the Southern Right Whales nurse their young and come right up close to the shore. During boat trips we could observe the mother whales with their calves and take pictures of them. It is such an amazing experience to see these huge animals coming so close to the boat that we can almost touch them. Even from the shore the whales can be spotted.


After these two tour components that had rather sighting character, we started our active adventure holidays, with the Sao Joaquim Riding Trail through the mountains of Santa Catarina. The trail led through the fabulous and virtually pristine mountains in the Sao Joaquim National Park and farmland, where grazing cattle and native animals could be observed, but hardly a human soul. The flora enchants among others with huge Araucarias (Paraná pines), Dicksonia Giant Ferns and small, bright red orchids (sofronites coccinae) growing on trees.


Each tour of the trail was different from the previous one, every day surprised horses and rider with new challenges. The horses ability to master steepest ascents and descents in the mountains, to cross rivers, marshes, bushes and thickets was incredible. They were chosen according to the riding level of each rider and were changed several times.


The warm and hospitable reception of the riding guests by the farm team as well as the culinary skills of Rosie and the accommodations, unique by itself, were a great experience. The daily lunch break with Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) on the open fire and a following siesta under the shady trees provided also special moments.


During the tour, our guide Peter Rohmer, with his broad knowledge, informed us in an entertaining manner about flora and fauna and the farmers life in the mountains of Santa Catarina. As he lives a long time in Brazil, he can explain about the country and its people, history and the current situation in an wonderfull way. He thus gave us a more open view of life in Brazil. It's clear for us that this trip wasn't our last Brazil (Riding) tour.


For everybody who is interested in horseback riding and likes the taste of adventure in almost pristine nature we can fully recommend this trail.


We thank Peter Rohmer for unforgettable travel impressions of Brazil.


With warm regards from Dresden,

Siegfried and Margaret Broßmann

Beate Geigner and Gabi Schulze

Weißdorf, Berlin (Germany)

Hallo Peter


......Gabi and myself have arrived well in Germany and are back to business as normal.

Again, thank you very much for the great time we had in Brazil. The whole journey turned out perfect: the organization, the itinerary, the horses and everything else was just like we had imagined it should be. Gabi also pointed out that this would be one of those rare trips you wanted to do twice..... I agree...maybe in a few years......


Beate Geigner and Gabi Schulze