Pantanal Wildlife Trail São Joaquim Adventure Trail

São Joaquim Adventure Trail

Guest Comments

Ivana Bulirova and Ales Buli

Washington DC (USA)


The horses were of excellent endurance, surefooted, very willing and easy to control. We found the Brazilian tack surprisingly comfortable!


The ride as such was very enjoyable, difficult terrain that the horses made look almost easy. Ivana and I appreciated the end-of-the-day trots and canters.


The Hosts were beyond compare. Rosie and Elvio were exceptional hosts, Rosie's cooking was fabulous.


The accomodations were minimalistic, but it gave us good sense of living on a fazenda


Our Guide was knowledgeable und friendly.


How satisfied were you with the booking process? (Travel Agency, Information Provided, Payments etc.)


Very happy, no issues.


This is an "authentic" ride to experience Brazilian countryside, with minimalistic accommodation. Also the pace – given the terrains – was slower than most other rides than we took. That said, for all the reasons above the trip exceeded our expectations and we would recommend it to others.