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Pantanal Wildlife Trail

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Marc Framboisier

Marc Framboisier

Paris (France)




Morning: ride on fazendas property, 5hs / 22 kms, helping (vaqueiros) cowboys trailing cattle and watch their lasso work - super interesting.

Afternoon: choice of fishing in the nearby vazante or tour with 4x4 to watch wildlife with excellent opportunities for photo shooting.


Morning: ride on Fazendas property 3hs/15kms, return to celebrate Dois birthday with barbecued lamb and roasted pig as appetizers, spilled down with Whisky.

Afternnon another 4x4 jeep ride to watch wildlife


Morning: Full day ride Baia dos Padres to Refuge. Departure at sunrise. Total riding time 5.15hs/42kms, including 2 very welcomed breaks


Morning: Refuge- Barra Mansa: 3h 15 / 15 km

Afternoon: Canoe ride on the Rio Negro river - SUPER


Barra Mansa : Morning ride with new set of horses 4h  30 / 19 km

Afternoon: Rio Negro canoe ride downstream Rio Negro: superb, the B. Mansa staff took us on a traktor in direction upstream Rio Negro so that we could glide downstream in total silence, just using the current and ocosionally paddling for correction of the course. Without the noise of an engine we could easily observe many waterbirds and mammals: unforgettable. With the canoe we managed to get as close as 2-3 meters to the animals on the river banks, including families of cabiparas and also huge caymans, they didnt even take notice of us.


Morning:another ride of 3h  10 / 14 km - and returnflight with the chartered plane to Campo Grande.



Marc Framboisier