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Guide Donizetti with Kathrin Jaeger, Michael Kaufmann, Clare Foster and Anna Remiezowiscz Guide Donizetti with Kathrin Jaeger, Michael Kaufmann, Clare Foster and Anna Remiezowiscz

Kathrin Jaeger and Michael Kaufmann



Dear Peter,


a few weeks passed by already since we left Arraial do Cabo and time seem to fly.


I would like to thank you again for the great trip you made with us. Without your knowledge and vast experience we would have certainly missed out on a lot of things!


I was just yesterday that I met "my horses" here again. The contrast between these huge warm blooded animals, already fitted with their winter coat and our dry and light Pantanal horses could not be greater. I hope Donizetti drove our little herd back to the Fazenda without a problem.


Micha and myself found our holidays very well succeeded . You and everybody else involved at the Fazenda were helpful and paid attention to all details. The "easy going" way at the Fazenda made us relaxed and we felt immediately at home. We also appreciated very much that we could jointly plan our activities according to weather conditions and individual ideas.


A would also like to pay a huge compliment to Ritas cooking. We were treated with the very best at any time of the day and night. The food was exquisite and plenty.


We all were thrilled of the horses and how the peões handled them. They were fast, had stamina, were surefooted and easy to ride. It was clear that there were professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge at work and we were happy to be part of it for a short while.


What we particularly liked was that we never repeated our rides at the Fazenda. That way we were able to discover new things on every ride, be it on the edges of the vazante with all that wildlife or be it the work and the traditions of the peões . It was always interesting and never a minute boring!


I like the idea of your X-mas ride. There are certainly folks that feel home at your place during this special time of the year.


Take care and enjoy the good times until you will be requested again for a new riding and travel project. If you ever come this way just blow the trumpet and we will be your host showing you Franconia.


Thanks again to you and the team of Riding Brazil.


Kathrin Jaeger and Michael Kaufmann