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Pantanal Wildlife Trail

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Joan Warren Max Warren and his mother Joan

Joan Warren


Hi Peter,


I am sorry to be slow in getting back to you. As you know, I had to leave for a business trip a couple of days after returning from Brazil. Now that I am back home, I am delighted to give you a report from my travel to the Pantanal. In short, it was fabulous.


You know the Pantanal well so I do not need to tell you what a special place it is. We were able to see a vast range of animals, including an ocelot eating an egret and my 14 year old son saw an anaconda consuming a coati. We also had a good time going out with the cowboys and tending to the cattle.


The trip was an easy one, largely because Sergio was such a helpful guide. I know that this is the first time that Sergio has worked for you. Rest assured that you have found a good guide. Sergio is very responsible and knowledgeable about the Pantanal. His English is quite good. Moreover, he is a kind, relaxed man who was interesting to talk with during our trip. He made sure that we were safe and happy. He was especially nice to my son, talking with him and playing cards with both of us.


Our stay at Pedras Bay was great. The dona, Rita, is very warm and hospitable. She made every effort to make our stay as comfortable as possible. She even arranged for Dito, a cowboy from another farm, to travel with us for the week. Dito was great- funny and very kind to my son. He even gave him lessons on how to use a lariat. We were well cared for the entire trip.


The trip was perfect for my son because he is passionate about horses. Even though I do not share his passion, I too enjoyed the trip.


I was impressed with the entire trip and will be glad to serve as a reference for any potential clients. My son had such a good time, he asked me to send you the attached file. You are welcome to put something on the Web, too.


I hope that this information is of use to you. Please let me know if you have questions.


Many thanks,





Max Warren

Max Warren (14)


When my mom and I went to the Pantanal we saw so many different animals.


What I like about the Pantanal is its terrain. There is a dry and wet season. We went when it was turning into dry season so there was still wet land and with more dry land every day.


Our trip to the Pantanal was based on horseback riding. If you love horseback riding this would be a great place for you. I have been riding for 10 years and I’ve never had so much fun on a horse before. I am 14 years old now. On horseback we explored the area. We went through marsh waters on horseback because sometimes there was no other way. I loved that part of the trip.


Working with the cowboys was so much fun! My mom and I got to go and herd cattle with them. There were 700 cattle and only eight people to hold them together! We had to go through the marsh water with the cattle. The interesting part of the trip was when the cowboys treated the calves. The umbilical cords were infected, so the cowboys had to lasso the calves, treat the umbilical cord, and cut the ear to mark it was a male or female. Some of the mother cows would get mad when their baby was lassoed. So they would try to get charge the cowboys. That was breath-taking!


This trip and experience was a blast!