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Pantanal Wildlife Trail

Guest Comments

Hartmut Portzig

Hartmut Portzig

Bern (Switzerland)


Dear Peter,


with great pleasure I think back of our ride through the Pantanal and can only regret that it went by too fast. On Marc's map you could see how big the Pantanal really is and how much of it we didn't have o chance to visit. My impression was that the vaqueiros did not think of riding being a sportive activity that would give them lots of fun or that the fazendeiros would take pride in breeding high performance riding horses, altough one can hardly imagine a better place to ride as the Pantanal. However, there was the overwhelming nature, the friendliness of our hosts and the knowledgeable guides to compensate for those little disadvantages.


I enjoyed this adventure enormously und will recommend it enthusiastically to everyone who wants to know. One must also say that everything what I found in the internet concerning riding in the Pantanal, does not live up to your presentation and does not match the contents of your program. All the best, continuing success with your undertakings and kind regards Hartmut.


Hartmut Portzig