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Hay on Wye, Herefordshire (United Kingdom)


Dear Peter


Athene here, one of the 3 musketeers, (1 of the 3 british lady horse riders, plus Kate the young American) that you accompanied around the Pantanals a couple of weeks back. It was a absolutely wonderful experience, which for me, was as I said a once in a lifetime experience, as I am not up to that "level" of income for those kind of holidays… but what a one!!! Your company, and unique banter! Was an important part of that experience, and we were fortunate to have you along…. Have no doubt that we could not have done without your charm!! And language skills.


Both of these were lacking in our last two days at Barra Mansa…. And no sadly we did not see a jaguar, although some other visitors did… which was very irritating… especially as we were from the UK… We did not see any more giant otters… although we did go piranha fishing! And more riding… and had a cocktail at sunset at one of the evening drives….We did find out that our horses were far from boring in the last two days, and really enjoyed a full out gallop and race! Much to the amusement of Carlo.


I will certainly forward a selection of photos for your website.

And of course I would love to come out again, with one of your other trips, but what I (as a saddler) would like to record particularly would be some of the original "cowboys" like Louis… and all their kit and how they spend the year etc…. as I feel that this life style is being lost as quickly as the wild life is going….


If I ever get it together to get some funding to come back and record this… I will of course need you!!!


Very best wishes,